A propos de Chuckbuddies

 “Freestyle Snowboarding in the palm of your hand!”

The concept, is a pocket sized Snowboarder that can be thrown into the air by a skilled operator as onlookers witness CHUCKBUDDiES perform mind blowing spins and flips.

Designed and developed by 9 times UK masters snowboard champion, Joel Erith.

CHUCKBUDDiES unique design enables you to simulate moves and stimulate your riding. A visual treat for any Snowboard enthusiast!

Joel’s creation allows you to manipulate and control these cute little figures into action and help you visualize the next move you want to learn on the mountain or to simply marvel at the endless trick possibilities as they unfold  before your eyes.

Executive toy… must have gadget… quirky pocket companion. These are just some of the terms being used to describe the mountainside sensation that is CHUCKBUDDiES.

Available right now in 8 vibrant colours. Each character is fully interchangeable meaning you can customize your look just as you do on the mountain!

CHUCK is fashioned from a user friendly, safe and springy rubber and is very much at home on the dashboard of your vehicle, in your hand or even better, in the air!

Buy one today and try to work out how you lived without CHUCKBUDDiES until now!!